Our Team and Quality

We strive to be Winnipeg’s most reliable transport company, and serving beyond your expectations is important to us. We achieve this through innovative systems, quality services and an impeccably maintained fleet of vehicles. This, coupled with an experienced team, ensures that your goods are delivered in a transparent, timely and professional manner. Our team consists of people who:
  • Know the importance of deadlines
  • Care about others and act on their behalf
  • Contribute to smart, flexible transportation solutions
  • Embrace change and foster growth
  • Are inherently collaborative teammates
  • Are committed to making our business organized, efficient, clean and safe
  • Add value to each transaction and customer interaction

Whether it’s creating new accounts, answering inquiries, scheduling and tracking orders, or completing pickups and deliveries, our team is dedicated to providing all customers with red carpet service no matter what size their business is. When you need us, we will be there!

As a part of the RS Group of Companies, we embody quality and service by upholding the strictest of standards and adhering to the internationally recognized criteria of:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • Certified Agent: Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program
  • PARS 73EY: Bonded Carrier; Canada Border Services Agency
  • SCAC RSEM: National Motor Freight Traffic Association Inc
  • US MC License: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – USA
  • US DOT Registered: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • US FDA Registered: US Food and Drug Administration
  • Firearms Carrier License: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • ACR Certified: Authorized Cargo Representatives
  • TDG Certified: Transporting Dangerous Goods
  • MTA: Manitoba Trucking Association; member
  • CFIB: Canadian Federation of Independent Business; member

At RS, we adhere to our certifications ensuring the highest standards are maintained, and we are always exploring new certifications and associations that relate to our industry.