In March 2022, the RS Group obtained the SAFE Work Certification in accordance with the RPM audit standards. To achieve this certification, the RS Group demonstrated many aspects of workplace health and safety including policies and procedures, training, emergency response and incident investigation.

In this process, RPM guided us by providing us tools and assessments in which, in accordance with our ISO 45001 – 2018 certification, sets the standards to ensure a safe workplace to manage safety in the operations in compliance with our internal regulations. All of that, included in our health and safety program, approved by management, and communicated to every employee or member of the organization.

The potential long-term benefits of obtaining safety and health certification for the workplaces can include:

  • a safer and healthier workplace
  • better control of workplace hazards
  • reduction in workplace injuries and illnesses
  • improved employee engagement and productivity
  • potential long-term reduction in WCB premiums

For RS Express & RS Distribution Services, safety has and always will be the top priority in all our operations. By working collaboratively with our IBSP’s partner, our clients, and contractors, we will continue improving plans and strategies to enhance a safe work environment and promote good practices to reduce injuries and occupational health-related illnesses where practicable.

SAFE Work Manitoba has established a standard for occupational safety and health in the province called SAFE Work Certified. SAFE Work Certified sets the standard for safety and health certification programs offered by industry-based safety programs and associations (IBSPs). SAFE Work Certified establishes this standard and ensures consistency across the province for occupational safety and health certification programs offered through IBSPs.

As a certified IBSPs partner, RPM Trucking Industry Safety program (RPM) provides workplace health, safety expertise, training and supports within an accessible framework service to the trucking industry in Manitoba. The program is hosted by the Manitoba Trucking Association and funded by a levy paid by the industry and administered by SAFE Work Manitoba.

To meet the SAFE Work Certified standard, a safety and health program offered by a certifying partner must demonstrate:

  • leadership commitment
  • hazard identification and risk control
  • worker participation.